Specializes in Earthmoving and Transportation services for the mining industry in Suriname.

Ready to work with foreign multinationals, WTEC Solé is looking beyond earthmoving, mining and timber to develop communities.

Over the past three decades, WTEC Solé has become a highly respected name for earthmoving and transportation services. Better known locally as Solé, the company started out in 1980 as a small contractor in the eastern part of Suriname under the name S. Kartodikromo in the district of Marowijne. However, it has since developed into a trusted partner for public works, having successfully completed numerous civil engineering projects with the government, as well as timber industry operations and mining sector support services. Its future plans include local rejuvenation initiatives and U.S. partnerships to extract greater returns from the timber industry.

In 2004, the company landed a contract with BHP Billiton (Suralco) for the rental of large equipment and heavy machinery for mining activities. Nowadays, WTEC Solé participates in many different projects, such as revetments, access roads in the Moengo and Albina areas, reconditioning infrastructure, building community centers, renovating and building bridges, preparing areas for ore mining, line cutting, sampling and spotting.