The Widening Informed Stakeholder Engagement for REDD+ (WISE REDD+) project will support the government of Suriname to fill the critical gaps in their stakeholder engagement processes to move them forward to signing agreements with the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and also work toward key benchmarks in the development of REDD+ negotiations related to stakeholder engagement.

CI, as the implementer of this project, will collaborate closely with UNDP as delivery partner for the World Bank REDD+ program, NIMOS, the local REDD+ focal point, Climate Compatible Development Unit of the Cabinet of the President, which has been leading the REDD+ and R-PP development, and representatives of the Indigenous and Maroon communities in Suriname.

CI has put up considerable expertise and experience in engagement and REDD+ capacity building with stakeholders at multiple levels and scales, particularly with indigenous peoples and local communities.

CI has built an integrated REDD+ program that provides for community livelihood and effective national policies and climate plans based on current science and practical experience. At the request of national, regional and local governments, CI has served as a convener with civil society to provide REDD+ technical assistance for climate policy.

The project will result in a co-designed community engagement process developed by government and indigenous and tribal communities to increase government capacity in community engagement and FPIC principles. This project proposal has been approved by the United States Department of State, enabling CI to support governments to both strengthen and broaden engagement of key stakeholder groups, including government, civil society, indigenous peoples and other local communities, with particular focus on the participation of women, elders and youth as often under-served populations within these groups.

Main activities:

• Awareness building with government agencies and creation of steering committee
• Meetings with tribal and IPs representatives
• Preparation of materials for outreach to targeted


In close coordination with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS), Climate Compatible Development Unit (CCDU); Tribal and Indigenous representatives.

Key deliverables:

• Dialogues to increase understanding and engagement of IP’s and tribal communities in REDD+

• REDD+ community capacity building strategy and materials in Dutch

• Government capacity building workshops in REDD+ Readiness, Community Engagement and Free Prior and Informed Consent.